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Engagement Ring Trends

Vintage style ring setting
From the popularity of vintage background ads to the fourth reboot, we're looking back over the years for inspiration—and that goes for engagement rings, too!

Unlike modern styles, the vintage engagement ring has truly stood the test of time. Old fashioned engagement rings have an innately timeless quality that cannot be replicated. Both classics, venting rings bring out the best Angels have to offer.

Popular wedding styles are cathedral settings and cushion cut engagement rings.

Cathedral settings mimic upper cathedral arches with soft curves and center stones. Whether a classic diamond or a colored gemstone, this classic design will show off your beautiful rock in all its glory.

East to west settings
Of course, the classics are the classics for a reason, but new designs always add a fresh perspective on traditional rings.

An east to west ring setting is one in which the diamond is centered horizontally on the band. We're starting to sidestep emeralds, pavers, brilliants, and pear-shaped diamonds for that subtle change in aesthetic.

Paired with a sleek band or sparkling side stone, an east-to-west setting commands attention.

This updated setting is bold - but not so unconventional that it disrespects classic tradition. A perfect choice for the modern bride!

Asymmetrical pieces
What screams more modern, fresh and 2023 than contrasting pieces?

The modern woman respects individuality, differences and imperfections. Is there a better way to do this than with mismatched embellishments? 2023 brought even more surprises with predictions.

Asymmetric rings break stereotypes and draw attention to precious stones. Being brave has never been better.

Oval-cut diamonds
Oval diamond rings have always been popular and continue to be in the spotlight in 2023. The way the oval elongates and flatters almost any finger makes this stone a modern classic. The soft edges make the diamond look stunning on its own or shine especially brightly when highlighted in a pavé or halo setting.

Worn for centuries by members of the royal family and constantly worn by many celebrities, oval diamond engagement rings are a trend that will forever remain in fashion.

Wedding rings with three stones
Three stone engagement rings are said to have the most romantic meaning of all styles!

This style is exactly what it sounds like: a ring with a center stone between two side stones. This particular arrangement elevates the center stone and makes it appear larger.

Besides showing off three beautiful diamonds (or other gems), this engagement ring can make a big difference.

Many couples choose three stones to symbolize their past, present and future. Others prefer the stones to represent values such as friendship, love, and loyalty.

Colored center stone
This is a trend that has come to the fore in recent years and, according to forecasts, will only increase in the coming year!

Whether you want color in your center stone or accent stone, this bright trend is the ideal way to give your ring a little sparkle.

Romantic rings with colored precious stones look bright and unique, but at the same time emphasize the elegance of the bride. Different colors in the ring will help to accentuate the color of your eyes or add playfulness to your everyday look.

Fancy shape
While round diamonds are the most popular choice for engagement rings, fancy shapes are becoming more and more popular! A fancy shape diamond is any diamond that is not round.

While the popularity of fancy-shaped diamonds has grown steadily over the years, 2023 will see increased interest in the clean-lined shape.

These emeralds can be diamonds, "princess" and "usher" stones.

In a time when bold statements are in vogue, it is no surprise that clean diamonds are taking center stage.

Studded ring set
All matching sets, true love? Well, that's why this style is on top of the trends for 2023. These sets, which come in a wedding band to match a special engagement ring, are used to go together... just like you and you are important in many ways!

There is something extra special about an engagement ring, literally made for your engagement ring. your center diamond is beautiful in itself; Just wait till you see what it looks like with your custom made engagement ring!